Lenovo ThinkPad e585 Laptop 2023 Reviews

Lenovo ThinkPad e585 Laptop 2023 Reviews: A well-known brand name for premium and reasonably priced laptops is Lenovo. In comparison to popular laptop brands like HP and Dell, their laptops are also favored by many.

Lenovo ThinkPad E585 

Lenovo ThinkPad e585 Laptop 2023 Reviews

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The Lenovo ThinkPad e585 makes big promises thanks to its 15.6-inch full HD 1920 x 1080 display, AMD Ryzen 5 processor, and 8GB of memory. Is the ThinkPad e585 the ideal laptop to purchase in 2023, then? That’s what we’ll discover in this article, I suppose. So, let’s get started.

Overview ThinkPad e585 by Lenovo

Lenovo ThinkPad e585 Laptop 2023 Reviews: Everything about this Lenovo laptop seems to be great, from its lengthy battery life to its dependable and quick AMD ryzen processor. We believe it to be the ideal laptop for students and small business owners, given its pricing.

The fact that this laptop excels in so many areas makes it appear impossible for another to surpass it. We have broken this review into many categories as a result. We will examine this new Lenovo ThinkPad’s design aesthetic, construction standard, storage capacity, display size, keyboard and multimedia capabilities, and overall performance.

Design Styles

Lenovo ThinkPad e585 Laptop 2023 Reviews: Lenovo ThinkPad e585 is built for everyday performance and gaming. The laptop weighs 4.6 lbs., so it may not be the ideal bag item to throw in your pocket.

Storage Volume

Lenovo matched every component of this laptop to its competition. Flexible storage is available here. Many high-end laptops lack that.

Upgradeable storage lets you save lots of photos, videos, documents, and media. Storage is always 256GB. SSDs replace HDDs here (Hard drive).

256GB SSDs are speedier than hard drives. It reaches 7200 RPM. Because it’s 2.5 inches thick, this machine’s thickness doesn’t alter.

As noted, you have many storage options (as you can always upgrade later). Many may need more storage than the default 256GB. They can upgrade to 512GB or 1 TB SSDs.

Benefits include flexibility. This laptop’s 8GB ram is fast. It usually finishes. Like internal storage, you may upgrade the ram here.

The 256GB SSD (basic model configuration) and 8GB ddr4 memory match the strong yet affordable AMD Ryzen 5 processor. RAM does not affect performance (especially the 8GB ddr4 ram). It’s compatible with Lenovo ThinkPad e585’s OS.


Lenovo ThinkPad e585 has a 1920 x 1080 IPS LCD display, which is excellent. The full HD IPS display could have been omitted by the company. It is perfect for different businesspeople and for showcasing their ideas on a large screen. For a laptop in this price range, the color production is quite impressive.

Trackpad and keyboard

Lenovo ThinkPad e585 Laptop 2023 Reviews: Lenovo ThinkPad e585 has a trackpad and keyboard that are durable enough to last for many years. The light-up keyboard makes using a laptop at night a snap. Trackpad responds quickly and clicks accurately; you can change its sensitivity in Windows 10 Pro.


The Lenovo ThinkPad e585 excels in the performance department. The 15.6-inch 1920 x 1080 IPS display and the 8 Gb DDr4 RAM have been mentioned. Let’s find out what unique features the Ryzen 7 has to offer now.

There are three different models of the Lenovo ThinkPad e585. We have included these mobile computing gadgets below to save you time.

  • Ryzen 3 AMD ( Dual Core Processor)
  • Ryzen 5 AMD ( Quad Core Processor)
  • Ryzen 7 AMD ( Quad Core Processor)

The Lenovo ThinkPad e585 is the ideal laptop for use in the workplace. This device’s default graphics processing unit is the AMD Radeon Vega. It has respectable power, enough RAM, and memory to support many apps without any problems. Customers claim that all these processor configurations enhance the value of the bargain..

Multimedia and audio

There aren’t many multimedia features on business notebooks. However, the Lenovo ThinkPad e585 includes all the features you’ll require to hold online meetings. It features a dual array microphone, a USB c port, and a few USB 3.0 ports, for instance.

There is also a webcam that is built in. Attending online meetings is made possible by its good image and video quality. The ThinkPad e585’s visual and audio quality won’t let you down if you’re a student.

Battery power

Lenovo ThinkPad e585 Laptop 2023 Reviews: Another aspect that annoys many customers and even businesses are battery life. The ThinkPad e585 has a good battery in this case. The laptop has a lithium-ion battery built in. So, based on typical usage, you may anticipate a battery life of 5 to 6 hours.

On severe use-age, it might be reduced to 3 to 4 hours. Numerous consumer testimonials claim that the laptop could easily run for half a day on a single charge.

So, how you use the e585 laptop completely determines how long the battery lasts. The battery life would clearly decrease when the wifi is turned on and you are browsing the internet while some apps are running in the background.

The kit includes a 65W ac adaptor for use in charging. The battery would need to be charged for around an hour.

The connectivity of ports

The ThinkPad e585 has all the ports and connectivity you could possibly need in a professional laptop. So you have USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, an SD card reader, and a USB C port for using the included ac adapter to charge the device.

With this business laptop, you get Bluetooth 4.1, WiFi, and an HDMI port. The Lenovo laptop has every connector and connectivity option available.


  • A Lenovo ThinkPad with a Solid Case
  • They can even run some well-known video game titles.
  • memory configuration design (8GB ddr4 Ram, 256Gb Solid state drive)
  • IPS LCD Display by Sharp (Full HD 1920 x 1080)
  • USB 3.0, SD Card reader, and stereo speakers
  • GPU and powerful processor
  • Perfect for professional use-age
  • Excellent Design & Strong GPU
  • Processor AMD Ryzen 5 2500u

Cons : 

A well-known brand name for premium and reasonably priced laptops is Lenovo. In comparison to popular laptop brands like HP and Dell, their laptops are also favored by many.

A well-known brand name for premium and reasonably priced laptops is Lenovo. In comparison to popular laptop brands like HP and Dell, their laptops are also favored by many.

  • Quite pricey considering that competitors provide better laptops in this price range.
  • For some customers, the weight issue could be a deal-breaker.

Last Thoughts

Lenovo ThinkPad e585 Laptop 2023 Reviews: That is how we evaluated the Lenovo ThinkPad e585. It is without a doubt among the greatest business laptops available. You can make the most of it with the help of its processor, AMD Radeon Vega GPU, 8 GB of ram, and 256 Gb of solid-state drive storage.

We were somewhat aback by the brand’s use of such a potent GPU. Because of this, you may even use this laptop for light gaming. You won’t be let down because the built-in AMD Radeon Vega GPU performs admirably. The ThinkPad e585 is a good laptop for use in the workplace, to put it briefly.

Frequently Ask Questions 

1. Are Lenovo and ThinkPad the same?

ThinkPad and Lenovo are not the same things. In essence, Lenovo is a brand. They produce smartphones, laptops, and other similar computing devices. Their line of laptops is called ThinkPad. The Lenovo ThinkPad e585, for instance, is a laptop from the ThinkPad Series.

2. What Makes the ThinkPad E585 Unique?

The Lenovo ThinkPad E585 is the perfect notebook for business use. It sports an AMD quad-core CPU and 8 GB of RAM to support mobile multitasking.

3. Is Lenovo a Reputable Brand?

Yes, Lenovo is a reputable brand. They have several high-quality laptops, desktop computers, and cellphones. If you want the highest caliber laptops, you can trust their ThinkPad line.

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