Iiyama g-master gb2760hsu-b1

Iiyama g-master gb2760hsu-b1

The Iiyama g-master GB2760QSU-B1 provides a well-liked gaming monitor format in a practical and cost-effective package that won’t let you down.

Iiyama g-master gb2760hsu-b1

Iiyama g-master gb2760hsu-b1

There are several excellent alternatives in this model’s market, such as the AOC AG271QX, however they are significantly more expensive. Let’s see if the Iiyama GB2760QSU-B1 can do better than average in terms of gaming and imaging.


Iiyama g-master GB2760QSU-B1 input lag Specifications

Size of screen: 27 inches

Resolution: QHD 2560×1440

16:9 aspect ratio

Technology for Panels: Twisted Nematic (TN)

144 Hz refresh rate

Reaction Time: 1 ms

1000:1 Contrast Ratio (Static)

Magnitude: 350 cd/m2

yes Speakers (2 x 2 Watts)

Lie down: Height – Yes

Tilt your head: Yes

Stand: Yes, swivel.

Stand: Yes, pivot.

VESA Compatible: Certainly (100 x 100)

Connectivity: DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, DVI-DL, USB 3.0, and two 5mm jacks.

Size (W x H x D): 24.2 inches by 15.65 inches by one.

eleven pounds

Features and Design

The Iiyama g-master GB2760QSU-B1 has a simple, understated design that is similar to numerous office models from several other brands. The matte black finish is always a pleasing appearance, particularly because it resists dust and smudges better than shiny ones. Despite the absence of a bezel, the front still has very narrow inner boundaries and a broader bottom strip.

The Iiyama GB2760QSU-usage B1’s of OSD buttons rather than a joystick is one of the features that let it to achieve its pricing point. Although they are responsive and clicky, it takes some time and effort to learn the precise purpose of each one. This tiny issue, nevertheless, is excusable given the product’s cheaper price.

Even though the Iiyama g-master GB2760QSU-B1 is made by a less well-known brand globally, the build quality is excellent throughout. The components are strong and durable, and the mechanism is completely stable with no signs of wobbling. There are no open seams with sharp edges or a general impression of cheapness because the panels are likewise properly matched.

In terms of proportions, the Iiyama g-master GB2760QSU-B1 is less modest than some of the more contemporary samples we’ve studied. Nevertheless, it’s excusable if you consider the features and functionality of the monitor. You can still set a deep keyboard next to this item even though you just need about nine inches of depth on your desk.

Its ergonomic stand is one of the features that gave the Iiyama GB2760QSU-build B1’s quality a chunkier appearance. The design allows for tilt, swivel, pivot, and lift adjustments, making it simple to overcome the TN screen’s limited viewing angles. By removing this portion of the monitor to expose the 100 × 100 bolt pattern beneath it, you can also choose VESA mounts.

As a FreeSync gaming monitor, the Iiyama GB2760QSU-B1 is exempt from the limitations imposed by a G-Sync FPGA module. For video inputs, the design uses DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, and DVI-DL. The device has three USB 3.0 slots in total, but the downstream ports are conveniently placed in a hub on the side.

PS4 Iiyama GB2760QSU

A pair of 2-Watt speakers and two 3.5mm audio passthrough connections are also included in this variant. A value monitor should always have audio options because they increase the value. However, we wouldn’t say that the monitor’s audio quality is adequate for watching videos or playing games.

Presentation and performance

The 27-inch TN panel of the Iiyama g-master GB2760QSU-B1 has a 2560 x 1440 resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms response time. The backlight has a 350 cd/m2 rating, while many monitors on the market have a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The business provides several IPS models, but this time it chose TN due to its inherent speed advantage.

A 27-inch screen with QHD suits it nicely, giving gamers the ideal mix of sharpness and visibility. Even though the image demands more GPU horsepower than a standard 1080p screen, less post-processing like anti-aliasing and other comparable methods are needed.

When tested with a DataColor Spyder V Elite, the Iiyama GB2760QSU-B1 produces excellent results. The sRGB coverage of the TN panel is up to 99%, and its average accuracy is Delta E 2.15. The screen has a slightly higher color temperature than a typical sRGB-calibrated panel, making the whites brighter and cooler.

On the other side, the Iiyama GB2760QSU-gamma B1’s rating of 2.3 and the highest contrast ratio of 850:1 failed to impress. The monitor calibration with a colorimeter didn’t do much to assist in this aspect, thus the next best thing is to reduce the brightness to about 40%. While shades’ somewhat darker appearance might be fantastic for immersive games, competitive players will need as much visibility as possible.

The Iiyama g-master GB2760QSU-B1 -panel B1’s uniformity is outstanding, as would be expected given that TN technology doesn’t frequently experience backlight problems. Deviations within each sector were kept to 6%. The color is also almost flawless, with variations remaining within the D65 standard’s DeltaE 2.6 range. These figures indicate that the image on the screen will appear as realistic as possible and that there will be few variations from seeing the subjects in person.

The Iiyama g-master GB2760QSU-B1 features a quicker pixel response time and a higher refresh rate, thus motion handling is not a problem. But if trailing or ghosting problems still exist, the monitor’s OSD still has a five-stage overdrive. The best option is to leave it at its default setting, however, if you notice any faults, we advise against going above +1.

The new Navi AMD GPUs are the ideal match for the Iiyama GB2760QSU-B1 FreeSync gaming display. On the other hand, we cannot guarantee flawless operation because Nvidia did not test or certify this model for compatibility with G-Sync. This product’s input lag was maintained at a decent 10ms, so gamers won’t experience any delays or “de-sync” moments.

Conclusion Iiyama g-master GB2760QSU-B1

Despite its flaws, the Iiyama g-master GB2760QSU-B1 offers one of the greatest deals in the 144Hz QHD category. Despite the TN panel’s inherent flaws, we were impressed by its color accuracy and output. One of the display’s primary features is its exceptional responsiveness, which makes it a very compelling low-cost option.

Aside from the small issues we listed above, the Iiyama g-master GB2760QSU-B1 availability B1 is one of its main drawbacks. Currently, finding it outside of Europe is exceedingly challenging, and sending it abroad would undermine its practicality. If you’re looking for a cheap yet powerful gaming monitor, we advise you to put it on your shortlist.

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