Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2017

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The Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2017 Headphones are excellent gaming headphones that are console-locked to either the PS4 or the Xbox One. Their audio quality is decent, however, the bass is overemphasized. They feature an excellent microphone for internet multiplayer gaming, and their dock provides adequate controls. Unfortunately, the headset is somewhat large. They are not suitable for usage in a noisy setting due to the open-back design. We tested the Xbox One version of this headset, but we anticipate comparable results for the PS4 version.

ASTRO A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2017 for PlayStation (2017 Model)

ASTRO Gaming A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro

Features of Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2017 Headphones


The Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2017 Headphones are extremely similar to the Astro A50 in appearance, although they have a distinct color palette and are wired headphones. With their big and flamboyant style, they resemble gaming headphones and will not be suitable for outdoor use. The A40, on the other hand, allows you to take out the microphone, whilst the A50 does not. Although these headphones look to be well-constructed and sturdy, they stand out. The black PS4 model is Xbox One compatible, however, the white model is indeed not.


The Astro A40 Xbox One headphones are quite comfortable to wear during extended gaming sessions. The cups, like the Astro A50, are big and roomy, so most ear sizes should fit. They’re a little weighty, but the plush ear cup and headband cushioning help to disperse pressure evenly. Some may experience weariness owing to their weight after a time, however, they do feel a little less snug than the A50, which some may like.


The A40 MixAmp has strong gaming controls, but no call or music management, which should not be a problem for most gamers. They have an in-line remote with merely a mic-mute button that is linked to the MixAmp, which has many controls. You get a volume knob as well as a channel mixing knob with a notch in the middle for a 50/50 mix of game and chat sounds. You may also cycle through the EQ settings and enable/disable Dolby Surround Sound using MixAmp.The controls are simple to operate and provide decent feedback, however, the volume knob does not have the same weight as the Turtle Beach Elite Pro.


Even though the Astro A40 is officially open-back headphones, they trap just as much heat as the Astro A50. However, the total temperature differential is not too significant and will not be overheated. The cushions still form a strong seal around the ears, obstructing enough airflow. These are not athletic headphones and will not be suitable for working out, but this should not be an issue for gaming.


The Astro A40 TR Xbox One gaming headphones are rather large. They’re not very transportable, but they don’t have to be used with the MixAmp, and you can disconnect the microphone if you want to use them outside. The cups do not fold into a more compact size, but they do rotate to rest flat, making them simpler to slip into a bag. These gaming headphones aren’t meant to be used outside and should be kept close to your gaming setup most of the time.

Quality Build 

The Astro A40 TR MixAmp Pro gaming headphones are well-made. The materials utilized are of high quality, and the whole construction feels solid. Because the cups are thick, a few unintentional drops should not do too much harm. The headband, like the Astro A50, is fairly open and hollow, with merely a plastic midsection resting on the head. It’s flexible, but not as tough as a typical headband, especially one with a metal frame.

Passive Soundstage 

The Astro A40 has a good soundstage. The PRTF graph demonstrates a significant amount of pinna activation with high precision. However, no deep 10kHz notch is evident. This implies that the soundstage will be seen as quite broad and realistic, but will be placed inside the listener’s head rather than in front. Their open style will aid in making them sound more open than the similarly styled but closed-back A50.

Recording Quality

The recording quality of the boom mic is excellent. The LFE (low-frequency extensions) is set at 20Hz, which is quite good. The HFE of 4.6kHz is enough, producing a speech with weight and detail that is clear and simple to comprehend. It does, however, lack openness and airiness and will sound a bit muffled.

Noise Handling

This pair of headphones has been upgraded to test bench 1.5. We changed the method we test noise handling in this release. Our audio samples are now evaluated subjectively. This new procedure produced findings that differed from those obtained in our prior test bench. As a result, the score for this box has altered, and our results have been adjusted. The boom microphone can handle a lot of noise. It obtained an amazing speech-to-noise ratio of 58dB in our SpNR test. It suggests that this microphone can separate speech from noise even in the most challenging and noisy circumstances. This microphone employs a noise gate, which you cannot deactivate, but you may adjust the sensitivity. We tested the microphone with the noise gate in “Night” mode.


These are passive headphones, which do not require a battery.


These gaming headphones are not Bluetooth-compatible. Check out the Turtle Beach Elite 800, the HyperX Cloud Mix, or the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless if you want a Bluetooth-capable gaming headset. Because of its connected connection, the A40 features virtually little latency, which is ideal for streaming video material and playing video games.


These headphones work with or without the USB dock. When inserted into the controllers, they include a standard 1/8″ analog connection that provides audio and a microphone on all consoles. You may have audio and a mic on the PS4 by utilizing the PC mode of the amp, however, the Xbox One requires console mode.

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Last Verdict  of Astro A40 TR Headset + MixAmp Pro 2017

The Astro A40 boasts a robust and prolonged bass, a nearly faultless mid-range, and an acceptable treble that is underemphasized and lacks clarity. Their bass is also inconsistent and somewhat exaggerated, however, some people may appreciate the extra thud. They do, however, sound muddy and a little congested. Overall, they will be more appropriate for bass-heavy genres and video games with a lot of explosion noises. The amp also allows you to simply cycle between EQ settings, which is convenient.

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